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Jobs at Apogee

We have positions open for Research Engineers! You can see current postings on our LinkedIn Page

Apogee Research is seeking Research Engineers for entry, senior, and principal engineer positions in Arlington, VA. The ideal candidate will be experienced in advanced software prototype design, coding, and analysis. This job requires a security clearance; therefore any applicant must be a US CITIZEN and must work on site in Northern Virginia.  Full-time employment inquiries only (no consultants please).

Apogee Research performs research and rapid prototyping to solve some of the hardest problems in computer systems and network security. Our world-class team of researchers and developers is constantly tackling problems that are considered too difficult or too risky for today's commercial markets. We're looking for motivated people who want to learn something new every day and are not afraid to jump into the deep end of the pool. As part of our team, you will contribute to one or more projects sponsored by the U.S. Government and will work in small teams of 2-8 technical people in domains like control of distributed systems, state estimation, intrusion detection and prevention, software analysis, reverse engineering, advanced analytics, exploit development, public key infrastructure, and analysis and experimentation. Members of our team perform all functions of the software R&D life cycle, from brainstorming and system design through testing and delivery.


Responsibilities will be assigned based on your experience, abilities and interests. We are looking for long-term members of the team; we do not hire for specific contracts. Particular activities and areas of expertise that are of interest:

  • Prototype and analyze cryptographic and key management algorithms for use in domain-specific closed and semi-closed systems.
  • Automated construction of inline and out-of-line reference monitors for domain-specific software systems.
  • Formal analysis of software. Familiarity with properties of software, decidability, soundness, and static and dynamic analysis techniques.
  • Structured approaches to protocol analysis.
  • Support the research, development and analysis of stochastic systems.

Minimum Education and Experience

  • BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science, Math, Physics, Engineering or other relevant field.
  • Deep understanding of computational systems and networks.
  • Solid software engineering and object-oriented development skills, with knowledge of languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, and assembly (x86, ARM or MIPS); facility with associated development, compilation and debugging environments.
  • An understanding of networking essentials, e.g., the OSI model, core Internet protocols, etc.
  • For more experienced candidates, an ability to communicate clearly in writing and presentation.

Experience in at least some of the following areas is highly desirable

Network security, machine learning, intelligent agents, modeling and simulation, control systems, stochastic systems, software and protocol analysis, reverse engineering and statistical analysis.

Familiarity or experience with any of the following is a plus:

  • Windows, Linux and/or Android development environments
  • Networking code development (device drivers, firewalls, routers, usage of tun/tap devices, wireshark, etc.)
  • Operating system internals and/or kernel development
  • Embedded systems development
  • Virtualization and sandboxing
  • Security topics like fuzzing, memory analysis, malware techniques, cryptography, symbolic/concolic execution, etc.
  • Static and dynamic binary analysis
  • IPv6
  • Large-scale problem solving and system engineering

U.S. Citizenship is required along with the ability to obtain and maintain a Top Secret clearance. An active security clearance is strongly preferred. This position is based in Northern Virginia. No relocation assistance will be provided.

Company Background

Apogee Research conducts research and development of advanced computer network operations (CNO) and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities to improve national security. Our focus is to bring cutting-edge research into practice for the Intelligence and DoD communities. We blend agility with rigor to deliver innovative and demonstrably effective solutions.  Our team is customer-focused and passionate about delivering solutions to efficiently fill critical unmet needs. The founders' 15+-year track record includes a broad array of R&D projects from initial concept through government testing and transition to operational users. Customers include DARPA, NSA, AFRL, 950th ELSG, IARPA, CERDEC, and Army FCS.

Company Culture

  • Develops innovative solutions to some of the most challenging R&D problems in cyber security
  • Is built on openness and transparency. We work closely and openly with each other, partners and customers to develop and transition advanced technologies into practical use. We actively support and promote open source software.
  • Realizes a continuous learning environment that values agility and rigor, risk taking and results achievement, innovation and delivery.
  • Values strong partnerships with other innovative companies, large and small, universities, and our customer teams.

Our staff includes industry experts with backgrounds in computer science, engineering, computer security, physics, ISR, and mathematics. We are always looking for new team members. Interested applicants should send resumes to [email protected].

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