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    We make cutting-edge research a reality through practical techniques and approaches.  

    Apogee Research is able to make significant contributions in a wide range of problem areas because similar algorithms and analytic techniques are applicable to them. We blend small company agility with rigorous techniques to deliver effective solutions to the Intelligence and DoD communities.  Rigor comes from applying principled techniques in areas such as: 

    • Stochastic control systems applied to computer network defense
    • Experimentation methodologies including modeling, instrumentation, virtualization, emulation, and simulation
    • Architecture, design, and performance analysis of dynamic systems
    • Statistical methods applied to outlier detection and pattern discovery in real-time streaming data
    • Advanced algorithm development for distributed systems including optimization, coordination, reliable and robust computing, real-time performance and scalability
    • Analytic techniques for malware, vulnerabilities, networks, clouds, and software/binary understanding

    Agility comes from close relationships with customers and partners to efficiently prototype and refine solutions and from a lean management structure and processes. We strive for a solid understanding of operational issues to ensure delivery of effective solutions that solve real problems.


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