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    We produce cyber security solutions at all levels of a system and across a wide range of platforms and networks. 
    • Cloud computing and cloud analytics
    • Static and dynamic network protocol and binary analysis
    • Real-time, reliable and secure computing
    • Process control, cellular systems systems, and embedded platforms and networks
    • Wired and wireless networks and networking
    • Modeling, emulation, and simulation at various scales and degrees of realism
        We develop tools and technologies to automate challenging tasks that consume valuable operator and analyst time.
    • Real-time analytics on streaming data
    • Network and behavior data modeling and analysis
    • Vulnerability and malware analysis
    • Decentralized cyber operations, C2 in cyberspace in real-time, and other distributed algorithms
    • Real-time detection, decision-making, response, and assessment
    • In-network discovery and data mining algorithms
    • Autonomic, distributed, and high performance computing

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